About us

About us

Recyclen Plastic Recycling Ltd. was founded as a Hungarian–German joint venture in 1989. Production began in 1991 following a greenfield site investment of HUF 200M.

After several changes in the ownership structure Recyclen Ltd. continoued his activity from 2004 as a subsidiary of Magar Plastiroute Kft. 

Our main task within the Group to supply with plastic traffic-technical equipments  the traffic engineering companies in Hungary (traffic sign baseplate, circular baseplate, speed bumps, lane edge barrier, kerbstone for parking).

The other main profile of our activity the production of plastic sheets, unique products for industrial use. 

Recently it appeared by us the plastic sheet extrusion as a new technology. We started with this technology the supply of packaging technical firms, especially the production of raw material for industrial logistics trays.

Of course, we stay by this area also by the main profile of our company, by the recycling of plastic. At our company there are continous improvements and we are waiting for the new challanges from our partner sas well.