Speed control products

Physical obstacles mounted on the road surface make drivers keep the set speed limit on public roads, in recreational areas or private areas with public traffic (e.g. filling stations, store parking lots) and industrial areas with heavy traffic.
Speed bumps made of soft and resistable recycled plastic are perfectly fit for the above purpose.
The type: 250x400x60 mm can reduce speed to 10-15 km/h; The type: 250x400x40 mm to 20-25 km/h

In poorly lit areas, night visibility can be improved with optional prisms.
Each bump element is fitted onto the road with two anchor plugs running through the incorporated M12 washers. Elements feature a groove on their underside that can host a ½” rod to keep separate pieces together and balance the impact.

Material: recycled PVC. Middle and endpieces are also available.

Type I.: 250x400x60 mm
Weight: approx. 6 kg

Type II.: 250x400x40 mm
Weight: middlepiece: approx.4,7 kg, endpiece: approx.4,2 kg
Colour: black and yellow in variation (painted yellow for request)