Asymmetric speed bumps

The effectiveness of speed bumps is determined by their geometry, i.e. their height, width and gradation of the drive-on angle. Mounted speed bumps have so far been symmetric, being identical on their drive-on and drive-off side. Such elements are capable of forcing only one speed value.
Asymmetric speed bumps share all the good characteristics of traditional speed bumps but are able to force more speed values at a time. The steeper drive-on angle forces a lower speed (10 kph), while the flatter side allows a higher speed value of about 30 kph.
Mounting requires the usual anchor plugs (4 plugs per piece, 2 plugs per end-piece); the underside groove can host a 1” rod to keep the elements together and balance the impact.

Material: recycled soft PVC
Dimensions: 500 x 450 x 70 mm (middle piece),
250 x 450 x 70 mm (end-piece)
Weight: Middle piece: approx. 14 kg; endpiece: 6,5 kg
Colour: black and yellow in variation (painted yellow for request)